How to make your Grillz at home?

Grillz , for the uninitiated or just for the curious, are tooth covers most often made of gold or diamond which are worn on the teeth, for a very successful decorative effect. Grillz can give you an elegant, sparkling smile, but having them custom made by a jeweler often comes at an exorbitant cost that few people can afford. Rappers and celebrities (like Lil Wayne or Trippie Redd for example) are frequently photographed with grillz, so many people wonder how to get them. Have you ever wondered how the grills you see worn by your favorite artists are made? We are here to satisfy your curiosity and explain all the steps to installing your own grills at home:

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The molding process for making custom grillz

To make grillz, you must first purchase a molding kit and take a dental impression of your upper and lower teeth, depending on what you want to use them for. In the past, you had to go to a jeweler or even a dentist to carry out this operation, but this is no longer the case today! StreetGrillz offers, in fact, grills adjustable to all teeth. Once your order has been placed, you will find in your package a package containing the superb dental jewelry you have chosen, pliers and a silicone bar to mold the jewelry to your teeth. Once you have received your package, adjust the grillz by adapting it perfectly to the shape of your jaw (without the silicone tip initially). Then all you have to do is heat water until it boils before immersing the silicone inside, for only about 30 seconds. This silicone part should be placed at the back of your grillz and will then adhere to your teeth. Wait until the silicone cools and you can finally admire the result!

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How do you properly prepare to apply your grillz?

There are a few preparatory steps to take to ensure you set up your grillz correctly. First, brush and floss your teeth . Our grillz are designed to be worn on the teeth of the person wearing them in a pleasant way and our kits are perfectly ergonomic . When you fit your grillz on your teeth, it is very important to see your teeth and your mouth. So, when applying this great dental gem, preferably stand in front of a mirror, then carefully slide the grillz over your teeth. Place your grillz until it feels right. The grillz has a perfect fit when it is neither too loose nor too tight . It should not cause discomfort when chewing or speaking. You will then be able to admire the result.

Never forget that our brand's grills symbolize success! Thanks to StreetGrillz, get a grill that is perfectly suited to your mouth , without leaving the comfort of your home. We will send you a ready-to-use grill kit and you will see that installing this accessory has never been easier!

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