Top 4 most expensive gold, silver and diamond grills!

Top 4 most expensive grills in the world.

Tooth grills have been popular among rappers for a long time. Since the early 80s, Atlanta rappers like Raheem The Dream and Kilo Ali have worn them.

Thanks to the jeweler from the northern districts of New York Eddie Plein , the fashion for grillz (tooth jewelry) developed quickly within the Hip Hop world. It has become the benchmark for custom grills.

He quickly supplied the majority of New York rappers . At his store, Eddie's Gold Teeth , he created the famous gold teeth of rapper Flavor Flave and that of Big Daddy Kane before moving the store to Atlanta. In his shop, he continued to create more and more elaborate grillz with increasingly higher style and price .

Nowadays, grills are becoming more and more “ bling bling

At one time, gold grills were considered excessive in price. Nowadays, even VVS diamond grillz are worn by many rap stars .

Now you probably want to know who owns the most expensive grills . You will immediately know who has the most expensive mouth!

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Paul Wall Power

The man behind the grillz is none other than the famous South American rapperPaul Wall . He started a grillz shop with Johnny Dang and that's where it all started.

Paul Wall created a diamond and platinum grillz for Lil John . Yes, you heard right.

lil john grillz

Lil John's Vampire Grillz

This achievement earned him $50,000 (around 50,000 euros) and won him the “King of da Grillz ” award in 2009.

Hip Hop couple Kelis and Nas commissioned custom grills from Paul Wall in matching silver, diamonds and 24-karat rose and white gold, estimated at $36,000 each. They celebrated their engagement with these plays but have since divorced .

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Kanye the King

We couldn't do a grillz top without talking about Kanye West's teeth.

Indeed, Kanye lost his teeth in a car accident , he first replaced them with implants then when he became rich he replaced them with diamond and 24-carat gold grills .

kanye west grillz

Kanye West's encrusted grillz

The small difference is that his teeth are grillz, when he became rich he chose to implant these jewels .

We do not know the price of her dental jewelry but the sum is surely quite substantial (several hundred thousand dollars/euros for her entire collection).

Lil Wayne

Just like Kanye,Lil Wayne also has diamonds on his teeth.

Long before Kodak Black , Lil Wayne already had diamonds as dental implants .

lil wayne grillz

Lil Wayne's Grillz

Similar to a traditional dental implant operation, the diamonds were surgically implanted into his teeth. No one except him knows if the diamonds are real or reproductions.

Lil Wayne's diamond and gem-studded grills cost him $150,000 and he proclaims he won't die with these teeth on. Unfortunately for him he had to put something cheaper in his mouth before serving his prison sentence.

And the winner is …

The person wearing the most expensive grillz is a surprise to everyone, they're not even a rapper .

Katy Perry wears a grill made of diamonds and precious stones , for an astonishing cost of 1,000,000 dollars/euros ! Guinness World Records confirms that it is the most expensive grillz ever made.

katy perry grillz

Katy Perry's most expensive grill in the world

This very complex grill was created with the help of Dr. Dorfman who stars in the American show Extreme Makeover .

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