What are grillz made of?

Grillz are removable decorative teeth covers . They are often made of gold , silver , or precious metals encrusted with jewelry and attach to one or more teeth. They have existed in one form or another for thousands of years as a way to display social status . They entered pop culture in the early 1980s and are considered a form of personal expression today. They are worn by many celebrities such as Nicki Minaj , Kanye West , Justin Bieber and Jay-Z . You may be wondering what material they are made of and whether you necessarily have to invest in gold to one day hope to obtain some. We will see together that the answer is no!

Precious metal dental grills

The most commonly used metals for grillz are gold , silver , and platinum . It must be admitted that gold is one of the best materials for everything that has to do with teeth thanks to its strength and durability . For example, gold dental crowns placed by dentists have antibacterial properties that set them apart from others. Gold thus acts on the tooth by preventing the formation of cavities . Additionally, it is not likely to corrode or rust, but its cost is exorbitant. At StreetGrillz we can offer you a much cheaper alternative, take a look by clicking here.

Grillz Jay-z

Dental grills made from non-precious metals

In this case, the grillz are made from less expensive, but very resistant alloys . Nickel , for example, is often used. These grills can be covered with a thin layer of gold or silver and decorated with semi-precious stones in order to limit costs while maintaining a beautiful finish. We will come back to this particular case.

Diamond dental grills

A single diamond tooth set in 10K gold will cost around $200 while eight solid 10K gold teeth will cost just over $100 per tooth . You can have your diamond grillz created from yellow gold , white gold or rose gold . The diamonds are tightly packed together in this setting to prevent the stones from slipping out of the grillz. The most expensive diamond grills can cost up to several millions , so this is an option for the stars! Despite this, we offer you diamond Grillz without spending millions!

Grillz Lil Wayne Diamonds

Dental grills made of plated metals

Gold plated grillz are dental accessories made of silver or steel and plated with gold . These types of grillz are one of the best alternatives in terms of low-cost grillz. The plating is done in such a way that the grillz cannot tarnish , as they are durable . Plated grillz are designed to come in a standard size. They also come with other accessories to fit your mouth more comfortably. There are benefits to purchasing gold plated grillz. First of all, these types of grillz are easily accessible , for example, on our StreetGrillz website! Secondly, they are much easier and more convenient to use and are quite affordable compared to custom made gold grillz. StreetGrillz grills have an average price of €50 for models similar to those of major celebrities, such as the Trippie Redd Grillz in diamond, gold or silver at only €34.99 during sales , inspired by the American rapper of the same name.

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