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Grillz in Gold, Silver or VVS (diamonds)

Welcome to our online store StreetGrillz Paris , here you will find Grillz (or dental jewelry) specific to Hip Hop culture. Our grills are universal , you can mold them and adapt them to any dentition. We have many models: cheap grills , gold grills , silver grills , grills with VVS diamonds , etc…

Very popular in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux and Montpellier, grillz can be placed on single teeth for both men and women. They have been worn since the 80s by American rappers, like Flavor Flave, Afrika Bambaataa or Big Daddy Kane then later by other rappers like Trippie Redd, ASAP Rocky, 6ix9ine or Travis Scott , French rappers also wear them, the pioneer in France is Joey Starr of the legendary group NTM but today we can find rappers like Laylow, Niska, Booba, Koba LaD, Kaaris, Cheu-B, Jok'Air, Leto, Niro, MHD, Naza, Ateyaba (also known as joke) carry, and many others...

Also written grills or grill , these beauty accessories give the illusion of having gold teeth , silver teeth or diamond teeth (VVS) with precious stones. They have an origin that dates back to ancient Egypt in -2500 BC, they were then worn by other civilizations such as the Etruscans and the Mayans! A grillz can be single or can cover the entire dentition. It can cover the canines like the teeth of happiness .



Very happy with my purchase, good quality grillz easy to put on and resistant materials, so very high quality. Everything I was looking for!

Louis on 11/25/2023

I ordered Gazo's grillz for a music video, it's amazing!

Lucas on 09/12/2023

Quality product, already my 3rd order on the site!

Lamine on 01/09/2023

The grillz is great, I recommend!

Pierrick on 08/22/2023

Perfect grillz, top quality, I'm super happy!

Thomas on 08/16/2023

I bought the Gazo grillz, super satisfied.

Dylan on 08/08/2023

Delivery on time, it's perfect!

Alexis on 02/08/2023

I just received my Grillz and the quality is just crazy! For the price I can only recommend!

Julien on 07/23/2023

At the top, the order was taken care of in no time, I ordered the Koba la D Grillz for my boyfriend and he loves it!

Pauline on 06/10/2023

In the top ! Great order support. This is my 3rd or 4th purchase and still the same quality. Thank you for your professionalism and your sympathy, StreetGrillz team!

Riyadh on 04/02/2023

I ordered my first grillz on this site. Fast delivery, well-cared-for package and the quality of the jewelry is very good!

Nicolas on 11/26/2022

Easy ordering, delivery on time and assembly instructions in the package, so nothing to say, I recommend this site without hesitation!

Yacine on 06/17/2022

Ordered two grillz, unfortunately the carrier damaged the package... Super responsive customer service who sent me a new one the same day!!!

Mathieu on 04/21/2022

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This fashion accessory will give you a distinguished style, you will not leave anyone indifferent! These dental jewelry are trendy, their use is increasingly widespread in France and in London with Central Cee in particular. We can observe this phenomenon in rap videos, where for around ten years this once forgotten accessory has seen real growth in the Drill and trap rap subgenres. It is also taken beyond the boundaries of rap by artists like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even Madonna.

Our tooth grills are finished to perfection thanks to our know-how, oral health is also one of our priorities and all our jewelry is healthy. Grillz simply need to be maintained, as Colgate explains in their grillz article . Our online store now allows you to wear grillz without having to go through a professional jeweler. This saves you from having to go through multiple appointments and spending larger amounts of money.

The quality of the grillz is also an important criterion for us, we make it a point of honor that our dental jewelry is perfectly made. They're made from sturdy, durable metals to keep you smiling for years to come.