Koba LaD, young French rapper with promising success

Marcel Junior Loutarila was born on April 3, 2000 in Evry in France and has been trapping with his neighborhood friends since the age of 15. His artist name is surprising, it comes from the famous film Planet of the Apes (Koba being a fictional character from the saga), while LaD means “ the detail, the smashing, the resourcefulness ” according to the artist himself.

Koba planet of the apes

Who is Koba LaD?

“LaD made his debut in the world of trap in 2015 as part of the group “ Seven Bink ” with his friends Kaflo and Shotas . The group quickly disbanded and each artist began their careers on their own. In December 2017, Koba LaD began a series of freestyles entitled “ Ténébreux ” which earned him national recognition and allowed him to sign with the music label Def Jam France. Since then, it has been a real success story for the rapper.

His latest album, “ L’Affranchi ”, was released in April 2019 and constitutes a new masterpiece for the young French rapper who has once again demonstrated his talent. For this album he was able to count on collaborations with important artists such as Niska , Ninho and Maes . In October 2020, he shook the music industry with the release of his second album “ Détail ”. A week later, the album already had 16,670 sales!

At 22 years old , Koba LaD is impossible to stop: promising and talented, he has conquered the public thanks to his hard work and his extraordinary voice. Without a doubt, the artist is an essential figure in French trap and has been able to renew the genre while respecting its bases and principles to make this style of music known to all French listeners.

koba la d grillz

Koba La D, one of the first French rappers to wear grillz

Koba LaD is one of the very first French rappers to appear in his music videos with grillz . Moreover, he is one of the main inspirations for grillz brands offering less expensive imitations to their customers while allowing them to wear their favorite dental jewelry .

Although the rapper rarely talks about his grillz, however, we can easily imagine what he likes about this extravagant accessory. Grillz, often made of gold or precious materials , are extremely expensive . Buying real ones therefore requires having great means. Rappers like Koba laD often had a difficult childhood, victims of stereotype for having grown up in fragile neighborhoods of the capital. Wearing grillz means showing the whole world that you belong to a new social class . Grillz also represent a particular identity. Associated with American gangs , often worn by rappers or African-American artists originally, when they became popular in New York, the Bronx or Harlem in the 1980s , grillz became a means of recognition and a brand.

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