Silver and Gold Teeth/Canine Grillz

Silver and gold tooth for canine

Discover here a collection of quality jewelry, gold , silver and even rose gold versions. Adopt a Koba or Gazo style. Your favorite rappers all wear grillz!

Do you want to decorate your canines ? You're in the right place!

All the silver teeth you will find here are universal, that is to say that no matter your teeth, you will be able to put them on. Click here to find out how it works .

Your future jewelry is made of alloy. We have gold, white gold, rose gold, gold plated, rhodium plated, precious metals, brass, gold and even costume jewelry models!

Here you will find the best silver tooth models.

We also have models set with quality crystals and precious stones similar to zirconium oxide.

Our jewelry pieces are imagined by professional jewelers and designed in jewelry stores.

We have silver tooth models for men, but also for women, there is something for everyone!

Before, to get a silver tooth, you had to go to the dentist to have your jaw tortured and have an implant placed in place of your natural teeth; now, thanks to StreetGrillz, you no longer need a dental prosthesis. Your grills are removable, so remove them when chewing.