Central Cee and his GRILLZ take everything

In this article we will tell you about Central Cee, his rise in rap and his magnetic style.

Central Cee grillz silver

Central Cee , aka Oakley Neil Ceasar-Su is a young rapper from West London . But you must have already heard about it. Indeed, he shook up the English drill scene (drill UK) by playing more musical "instrumentals" (in Loading in particular) than his contemporaries, Russ Millions , Dave , Fredo , A92 , Ardee etc. Many French people began to know him with his 6 for 6 sound, in which he boasts of having lined up 6 songs in the top charts, in a row.

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Then he surprised everyone with a featuring accompanied by Freeze Corleone in May 2021, released exclusively on OVO Radio . The sound is called controversy and it's not surprising given that it's at a time when Freeze is in the spotlight with the release of his album LMF and his shocking lyrics. Thus, Central Ces fully assumes being part of this universe. He speaks openly about the current political climate and does not do politically correct “one day I might get canceled” as he says in Polemics. But his association with the 667 doesn't stop with this feat alone. Just look at the cover of his latest banger, he's wearing a BG Boys Club 667 sweater, and he's flying with Zuukou Mayzie. central cee grillz 667

Central Cee was born in 1998, and at the age of 23 he reached the top of the UK Charts with his album Wild Wild West . Central This is also a fashion Icon. He greatly influenced the French with his classic driller style. His grills and his Nike sports wear. He mixes a “fuckboy” style with an English “roadman” style.

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