Gazo: talented French rapper, fan of grillz

After starting his career under the pseudonym Bramsou , Gazo shook up the French hip-hop scene last year with his impressive freestyles and notably with his “ Drill FR ” video series. The phrase “ tema la kichta ,” which he used in one of the videos (meaning “ all is well, all is well ”) was taken up by young people across the country. With his elaborate ad libs and fluid sense of melody, Gazo is considered a pioneer of French drill and has worked with other rappers like Kaaris .

Gazo StreetGrillz

Who is Gazo?

The 26-year -old grew up in Saint-Denis , one of the poorest neighborhoods in northern Paris, where the crime rate is the highest in the country and which for decades has been synonymous with the ghetto, violence and gangs. It is the brutal reality of a neighborhood where the unemployment rate is 22% that the son of Guinean immigrants describes in uncompromising titles like “ Cache Cou ” and “ Tchin 2x ”. Gazo has established himself in the French rap industry alongside very popular artists, managing to create a solid community of fans.

Drill FR ” is a powerful blend of influences from street rap inspired by American stars like Pop Smoke , lyrical salvos and the bitter experience of growing up in the suburbs as the child of immigrants. French-speaking rappers like Hache-P and Hamza , as well as the British rappers Unknown T and Pa Salieu , and the Berliner Luciano participate in the first official release of Gazo and demonstrate that drill has become an international movement, with a new generation of European rappers working together to make things happen. On “Drill FR,” Gazo blends his baritone vocals with melodic sensibility and aggressive missives about the daily life of a drug dealer to create a dark, yet poignant portrait of his neighborhood.

Gazo Grillz

An American rapper

Gazo is considered in the industry as a king of grillz . It is a way for the artist to display his new social status . This is also the origin of grillz in New York in the 1980s . Indeed, after a very difficult childhood, his career as a rapper allowed him to rise socially. His grillz set with real diamonds that he displays in his music video “ Drill FR ” have not failed to arouse the interest of his fans and grillz admirers. Gazo looks like an American rapper straight from Atlanta, New York or Chicago. Moreover, he does not hesitate to mention his new jewelry in his songs. Indeed, in “ Cache Cou ”, Gazo declares, “ I put on the grills like A$AP Rocky ”. We deduce that the French rapper draws his influence from the famous American rapper who is one of the first to wear grillz and who today displays his extravagant collection , an expression of luxury and power . Today, the grillz express Gazo's identity, his artistic style and are a way to recognize him in the panorama of French rappers.

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