The essential accessory of American rappers: grillz

Grillz are decorative, temporary dentures that can be made of precious materials like gold , silver , diamond or other non-precious metals, but equally elegant. Wearing gold and diamonds on your teeth is not, in fact, anything new and the history of grillz dates back a thousand years . Grillz, however, have immense popularity among hip hop artists and rappers today. The trend began to take shape in the early 1980s , but peaked in the mid- 2000s . Grillz even come in different shapes and sizes because not everyone has the same tooth structure. You can get single tooth grills . On the other hand, it is also possible to obtain complete sets of grillz for upper and lower teeth, moreover, StreetGrillz has a wide range in these two categories! We will see together 5 rappers who proudly display this accessory:

1. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been wearing gold and diamond grillz since he was in the music industry. In 2010, he stated in an interview that he had undergone dental surgery in order to achieve his diamond-encrusted oral look. His grills cost him $150,000 , luckily for you, with StreetGrillz , you can get grills that are just as beautiful, for less than fifty euros!

Lil Wayne Grillz

2. Chris Brown

Chris Brown has also spent colossal sums on his gold grillz. He first wore grillz during his art exhibition " Dum English " in the early 2010s. His jewelry now covers his 28 teeth and allows him to speak and sing without any difficulty.

chris brown grillz

3. Paul Wall

Paul Wall is known for creating many custom grillz for his clients. He is a rapper himself and a die-hard grillz fan. He has an extravagant collection of diamond and gold dental accessories of all kinds as well as and grillz worth twenty to thirty thousand dollars with a large assortment of jewelry and diamonds to add on. You will find similar gold jewelry for canines at a lower cost on StreetGrillz!

Paul wall grillz

4. Kodak Black

Kodak Black has long had diamond grillz on his teeth. Their grills are quite extravagant , as they are attached separately to each tooth and give the impression of being separate instead of being a whole. He posted many photos with his grillz and became very popular for it. In 2022, he also gave his 7-year-old son a gold grillz!

Kodak Black Grillz streetgrillz

5. Kanye West (Ye)

Kanye West first wore gold grillz, unfortunately, they were damaged following a car accident in which he was the victim. He has since redone them and decided to adorn them with multiple diamonds. He decided to only put grillz on the lower part of his teeth and let the gold and diamond reflect each other.

kanye west grillz diamond

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