Grillz of rappers

Discover our collection of Hip Hop inspired grillz identical to the Originals. Shine night and day by getting one of our jewelry for removable teeth in gold or silver version!

In this collection you will find jewelry faithfully reproduced in the models of French rappers like Laylow or Joey Starr and American rappers like Lil Wayne , Sixnine or Trippie Redd . Here only, you will have the possibility to buy grillz models identical to those of: Gazo , Niska , Koba la D , Lil Yachty , Trippie Redd , Travis Scott , Dosseh , Sixnine , Quavo , Offset and even Lorenzo !

Origins in rap and Hip Hop:

Grillz have been worn since the beginnings of the Hip Hop movement (since the 80s) with rappers pioneering the wearing of this jewel such as Afrika Bombaataa , Flavor Flave from the legendary US rap group Public Ennemy or Big Daddy Kane . Since this time the grills have evolved a lot, we can now find variants of the complete grills such as the mono-dental which will be appreciated by those wanting to adopt a sober style, some have a design different from the classic teeth for example our dripping “drip” grillz ” which represents drops of gold (click here to see it) , others even have completely crazy designs, we think in particular of the grillz of Sixnine , Trippie Redd and Lil Yachty .

Know before you buy!

Our dental jewelry does not cause oral problems, they are designed for your well-being and for you to be comfortable when you wear them. This is possible thanks to the moldable silicone bars that you will receive with each of your orders, they will perfectly take the impression of your teeth and you will not even feel that you have a grillz on your teeth .