"Classic" Grillz in Silver or Gold 8 teeth
"Classic" Grillz in Silver or Gold 8 teeth
"Classic" Grillz in Silver or Gold 8 teeth
"Classic" Grillz in Silver or Gold 8 teeth
"Classic" Grillz in Silver or Gold 8 teeth
"Classic" Grillz in Silver or Gold 8 teeth
21 savage grillz en or Gold Street Grillz
Grillz en or Asap Rocky StreetGrillz

"Classic" Grillz in Silver or Gold 8 teeth

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🇫🇷 StreetGrillz is a French company
Product guaranteed to comply with environmental standards

A piece of gold or silver jewelry

Available in Gold and in Silver , the “classic” StreetGrillz™ will go with all your outfits.

It adds a shiny and luxurious look to your face and smile.

Your smile will be made of precious metal, which will give you a charming and aggressive appearance at the same time.

Practical, easy to use and pleasant. The only downside will be the incessant compliments from your friends!

Symbol of Hip Hop, in particular US Rap

Worn by all rappers on the other side of the Atlantic, the grillz is a jewel  essential in your accessories collection.

Our “classic” Grillz in Gold or Silver is the base for any follower of this style. Indeed, this piece is sober and original at the same time. This is the one we see the most: 21 savage , Kodak Black , the Migos and Lil Wayne to Booba, Koba LaD and Laylow , all wore it. As XXXTentacion says , in an interview that we translated (click here to see it), in the United States , gold teeth mark the transition from little boy to “man”.

Features :

Sober design

• Flawless finish

Sustainable materials

Pleasant use

• Unrivaled style

How do I use my dental jewelry?

Our grills are adjustable to any dentition . You will have in your package a package containing the jewelry , pliers and a silicone bar (not visible once worn) to mold the jewelry to your teeth .

  1. Unpack your package which contains these 3 elements: a plier , your jewelry and a silicone
  2. Adjust the grillz by bending it to the shape of your jaw (without the silicone tip for now)
  3. Heat water until it boils and put it in a container (bowl, cup or other…)
  4. Put the silicone in the water and wait 30 seconds
  5. Once the 30 seconds have passed, remove the silicone from the water using your tongs and place it delicately on the back of your grillz
  6. Place the grillz on your teeth so that it is well positioned
  7. Wait until the silicone cools and it's ready!


    Quality Grillz

    Pierre on 09/17/2023

    Quality product, already my 3rd order on the site!

    Lamine on 08/23/2023

    Phew quality!!

    Joe on 08/18/2023

    Fast delivery and very good quality I recommend!

    Tom on 08/11/2023

    Good reception of the grillz, easy to understand with the instructions.

    Ugo on 07/26/2023

    Easy to install and good quality!

    Boris on 07/15/2023

    I bought the classic 8-tooth grillz on sale for a clip, and I really recommend it, the quality is great!

    Luca on 07/05/2023

    Thanks so much for the dripping grillz, the style is really cool!

    Meng on 06/28/2023

    The quality is too heavy for the price, no competition possible.

    Bilel on 06/12/2023

    Order placed 6 days ago and received, nothing to say!

    Yacine on 06/02/2023