Replacement silicone for Grillz

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🇫🇷 StreetGrillz is a French company

These silicone pieces are essential for wearing your Grillz. Without them, your Grillz wouldn't bond to your teeth.
After heating them and placing them in your Grills, you bite into them, to imprint the imprint of your teeth on them, and voila, you can now be sure that your Grillz will not come out of your mouth.

Our silicone is pure and purchased from recognized suppliers, so there is no need to worry about oral hygiene.

So, buying silicone in addition to that supplied with your jewelry is essential, if you plan to wear your teeth in Gold, Diamond or Silver. In fact, given that you systematically remove your accessories before eating, you risk easily losing your silicone, buying extra is good insurance.


I just received my Grillz and the quality is just crazy! For the price I can only recommend!

Julien on 09/18/2022

At the top, the order was taken care of in no time, I ordered the Koba la D Grillz for my boyfriend and he loves it!

Pauline on 09/10/2022

In the top ! Great order support. This is my 3rd or 4th purchase and still the same quality. Thank you for your professionalism and your sympathy, StreetGrillz team!

Riyadh on 09/02/2022

I ordered my first grillz on this site. Fast delivery, well-cared-for package and the quality of the jewelry is very good!

Nicolas on 08/26/2022