If you are here, it is very likely that you have just received a new set of StreetGrillz grills! Congratulations, we are delighted to see you smiling with us. Grillz are dental jewelry accessories . These are particularly unusual pieces of jewelry due to the environment to which they are exposed, namely the mouth. The mouth, in fact, can pose a challenge to the metal over time.

As there is no specific cleaning product on the market, you have to find a balance between maintaining the shine and lustrous finish of your jewelry without putting your health at risk. A few accessories for the grillz are essential for preserving your jewelry.

Grillz accessories to protect your dental hygiene

Here are some methods you can use to keep your grills in good condition and to ensure that your teeth stay happy and healthy under your grills.

  1. Correct and regular oral hygiene is essential. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes and use mouthwash daily. Make sure your grillz are not in place for this. Also be sure to see a dentist for a cleaning at least once every 6 months. The health of your teeth under your grillz is essential for successful and non-harmful use.
  2. Always rinse your teeth after every meal to prevent food debris from accumulating inside/under your grillz. If you do not have good oral hygiene, you risk having serious dental problems such as bad breath, gum disease, enamel erosion or even tooth loss, especially that the grillz are fixed with silicone and that you must be careful that this does not damage your teeth.
  3. Your grillz should be treated as a jewelry accessory , cleaned separately before and after use: we do not recommend using toothpaste or jewelry cleaning products. You can use liquid dishwasher soap instead. Rinse the grills properly under running tap water until there is no soap residue left. This will help you keep them clean while maintaining their shine and glossy surface . Do this every time, before and after use.
  4. NEVER eat with your grillz. That is, you should not chew at all when wearing them. You can only consume liquids. Smoking is not recommended as it can accelerate tarnishing, especially on silver or gold. This can also accelerate the wear of the silicone under your grills and you will be forced to repurchase them regularly.
  5. Don't sleep with your grillz on, ever. You can wear them as long as you're comfortable, but take the time to relax your teeth (treat them like shoes). Removing them at night will prevent you from fracturing your natural teeth. You can place them in our StreetGrillz dustproof grillz box , we'll come back to that!

Grillz accessories to ensure the longevity of your jewelry

  1. Take great care of them, make sure your grillz are well preserved and not accidentally bent. Once folded, we can no longer guarantee a perfect fit. Any damage to your grillz that affects fit cannot be restored. A new set will have to be ordered, that's a shame!
  2. Grillz lose their peak shine over time. Metals such as 925 sterling silver, dental gold and 9ct gold are more prone to surface reactions due to the conditions the grillz are exposed to. Dental silver alloy, chrome, and 14 and 18 karat gold are more resistant to tarnish and will maintain their shine for a longer period of time.
  3. It is important to keep your grills in a safe place. The StreetGrillz Dustproof Storage Box keeps your grillz safe when not wearing them. We know how precious your hip hop jewelry is to you and with these grillz storage racks, it will never be lost or stolen.

Carry your grillz wherever you go with this convenient storage box that can hold both the top and bottom grillz. The storage box features arched recesses to hold your grillz in place and the lid snaps closed to lock them in place. Protective storage will help you enjoy your precious grillz longer. Get yours today!

  1. Make your grillz of choice fit instantly with StreetGrillz Silicone Grillz Molding Bars. You don't need to wait ages to display your grillz, these silicone molding bars allow the fitting process to take just a few minutes. In addition, you will be able to keep your grillz even if the original silicone wears out. The comfortable fit ensures your gums and teeth won't suffer!

Get your easy-to-use grillz silicone adapter bar duo today. To install the grillz, adapt the grillz tip to the shape of your mouth. To do this, form it using your hands (you can wear gloves as a precaution, or at least wash your hands thoroughly beforehand). Next, insert the silicone attachment bar between the branches on the back of the grillz and place both sets in hot water. Once the bar softens and becomes transparent, remove the mouthpiece from the water and place it on your teeth. Adjust as necessary to achieve the position and look you desire. The fixing bar should then take approximately 15-20 seconds to fully harden. Make sure you install it correctly by positioning yourself in front of a mirror, for example. You now have grillz that fit your teeth perfectly!

Before buying grillz, also think about the accessories you will need to purchase to ensure not only your health , but also the longevity of your jewelry .