How long can you keep your grillz?

Grillz have been popular for several years and the number of fans continues to increase. These dentures can be subtle or showy , but either way, they're sure to impress your friends. In most cases, grillz are meant to be temporary , used for cosmetic purposes and not to hold your teeth in place. However, some people have decided to make their grillz permanent . No matter how much you love your grillz, it's a decision you can't take lightly and together we're going to learn how long you can keep them.

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Disadvantages of permanent gold grills

Your teeth and gums need proper care, even as adults. Medical crowns can cover part or all of the damaged tooth, but they do not interfere with access to your gums or other teeth that do not need treatment. Grillz , on the other hand, can make it more difficult to access the gum and other teeth, depending on their design. However, the flesh of the gums should never be permanently covered, otherwise there is a risk of developing infections. To permanently cover a tooth to the point that it does not require additional care, you must prepare the tooth surface and make a complete seal . Any exposure or hollow in the joint between the crown and the tooth can promote the formation of cavities , which is why you should be aware that wearing permanent grills can have irreversible consequences on your teeth.

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Opt for removable grills

Unlike some of our competitors, StreetGrillz products are certified and do not present any danger . The use of removable grillz is much more recommended for good oral health . Maintain your grills as you would braces: clean the grillz after each use, protect it and remove it from time to time when eating. Brush your teeth and floss before replacing the grillz. Another problem with permanent grills is damage caused by an improperly fitted grill. A grill that is too big or poorly fitted can damage the inside of your lips. Grillz can also scrape teeth and damage enamel . If the grillz can be removed easily at the first sign of irritation or damage, you can end the problem right away by removing the grillz from your mouth. On the other hand, if the grillz is permanently attached, you may need to go to the dentist urgently to remove it.

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Grillz remain excellent accessories for your teeth!

Grillz remain excellent accessories for those who love their style and want to change their look . They are customizable and you can get grillz made for different occasions or in different shapes. If you maintain your grills correctly, you can keep them for several years and if you buy several, you can alternate whenever you want! Thanks to our attractive prices on StreetGrillz, you can start your small collection and wear different grills every day .

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