Top 3 French rappers who earn the most

We will see together who the richest French rappers are today.

Top 3 French rappers who earn the most


In 2020, it seemed like the rapper's spectacular career was coming to a halt. Everything has changed since then and Booba has returned to the top. People With Money reports that Booba is the highest paid rapper in the world , with an astonishing €58 million generated between June 2021 and June 2022 alone!

The French rapper's net worth is estimated at €185 million . He owes his fortune to judicious stock market investments , significant real estate assets , and lucrative endorsement contracts with CoverGirl cosmetics . He also owns several restaurants in Paris , a football team , launched his own brand of vodka and is tackling the junior market with a successful perfume and fashion line .

A standard of hip-hop fashion, many rappers wear grillz . Some famous rappers who wear grills choose solid gold dentures while others prefer grillz studded with large amounts of diamonds . Many of them, including Booba, a pioneer in this field in French rap, do not hesitate to spend part of their income on these accessories. As such, Booba owns more than half a dozen grills designed by renowned Parisian designers.

Booba grillz


Real name William Nzobazola , Ninho is a French rapper. Since the release of his first album “ As expected ” in 2017, the singer-songwriter has enjoyed success despite his young age . There is a saying that “ for well-born souls, value does not wait for the number of years ”. Ninho is the perfect example. After a series of successes which helped to make him even more popular, Ninho has just received new recognition.

Indeed, the rapper and songwriter has just passed the milestone of 2 billion views on his YouTube channel . At the age of 25 , the young French rapper has just secured a precious place on the rap podium. He thus becomes the youngest French-speaking rapper to reach these figures .

He achieved this feat with just 69 videos . This arguably shows how Ninho's influence continues to gain ground. The flagship clips that allowed him to reach this figure in such a short time are: “ Mamacita ” (132 million), “ Maman ne le sais pas ”, a collaboration with Niska (104 million), “ Tell me that you love me ” (84 million) and “ Drop of water ” (64 million).

Ninho grillz


According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb and various online resources, the famous singer Jul's net worth is 1-5 million at the age of 29 .

An influential and extremely prolific French rapper from Marseille , Jul emerged as a hip-hop powerhouse in 2014 , delivering not only his first platinum record, “ Dans ma paranoia ,” but also two other full-length albums. His impressive output over the next few years matched his commercial success, as he became the country's best-selling rapper and continually charted in the Top 5, often with multiple albums in the same year. . At the end of the decade, he showed no signs of slowing down and released the ambitious double album La Machine in 2020.

Jul best rapper

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