How do I use my dental jewelry?

Our grillz are adjustable to any dentition. In your package you will have a package containing the jewelry, pliers and a silicone bar (not visible once worn) to mold the jewelry to your teeth.

Here are the different steps to follow after receiving your jewelry:

  1. Unpack your package which contains these 3 elements: a plier, your jewelry and a silicone
  2. Adjust the grillz by bending it to the shape of your jaw (without the silicone tip for now)
  3. Heat water until it boils and put it in a container (bowl, cup or other…)
  4. Put the silicone in the water and wait 30 seconds
  5. Once the 30 seconds have passed, remove the silicone from the water using your tongs and place it delicately on the back of your grillz
  6. Place the grillz on your teeth so that it is well positioned
  7. Wait until the silicone cools and it's ready!