How and where to buy your grillz?

Are you a jewelry fan ? If so, then grillz may be right for you. A few years ago, grillz were strictly worn by famous and wealthy rappers or Hollywood stars . Today, things have changed and grillz have become a fashion trend that everyone can get behind. You can now get gold or silver grillz to add them to your jewelry collection and beautify your look. There are many types of grillz. Some are very expensive , others are cheap . As grillz are a somewhat new concept, you need to be careful when purchasing as you can easily get scammed . Before you decide to spend thousands of dollars on grillz , here is some information you should know:

Grillz Chris Brown

How to choose your grills?

It is difficult to differentiate between different types of grillz, especially if you are new to this type of jewelry. Each category has a different price , appearance and quality. There are three types of grills that you need to know about before you make your purchase:

1. Pure gold, silver and metal:

This category includes grillz which are usually made of all kinds of precious metals in their purest form. It is most often gold or silver . These grills are very resistant . However, their price often makes them inaccessible.

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2. Diamond Inlay:

This type consists of grillz that have diamonds embedded in them to add allure to your overall look. These little accessories are not necessarily expensive , you will find them on StreetGrillz at an extremely reasonable price! Come take a look by clicking here.

Lil Wayne Diamond Grillz

3. Signature lines:

These are luxury branded grillz that are typically worn by the most influential artists on the planet. They are customized and set with precious pieces. Often, artists only wear them for certain events.

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Where to buy your grills?

It all depends on the type of grillz you choose! Grillz made of precious and plated metals generally cost less than 100 euros and can be purchased online while those made of pure gold can reach 500,000 euros and can only be purchased from qualified jewelers . We have produced another article on the Top 4 most expensive grills in the world. For a successful result and for the good of your teeth, buy your grills in a quality store. However, if you are on a limited budget, you can still get some of these models at a great price! Indeed, this is the promise of StreetGrillz .

We offer you a simple , effective , fast and guaranteed solution to have a smile similar to that of your biggest American stars . Our grillz are made of metals and some models are plated which allows you to have access to magnificent jewelry at low prices . We beat all competition today and everyone will see nothing but fire! Our “Travis Scott” diamond or gold grillz are set with crystals and embellished with vampire teeth. You will struggle to find such an original style at the price of €79.99!

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