Do grills damage teeth?

Grillz are dental jewelry worn by many renowned artists, high-level athletes, influencers, etc. Still little known to the general public, they are nevertheless gradually making a place in the sun. We see them on ordinary people who want to stand out with an offbeat touch of style that is sure to cause a sensation.

Grillz are super fashionable decorative dentures since the bling-bling style craze. The term bling-bling comes from the world of hip-hop and refers to the slightly too-much jewelry and clothing of certain rappers.

rappers wearing bling bling grillz

Rapper Paul Wall contributed significantly to the marketing and sales of Grillz. Closer to home, the rapper best known for wearing or having worn grillz is Joey Starr . You can buy yours on our site by clicking here .

joey starr with grillz from streetgrillz

​Do Grillz damage teeth?

Grillz raise their share of questions about their impact on teeth. Yes, style, we want to, but destroying our smile capital, no question!

First of all, let us point out that the Grillz is a personal piece of dental jewelry . It cannot be lent or exchanged , which already limits the risks in terms of hygiene. The raw materials used for the manufacture of grillz sold on the market present absolutely no risk either to health or to teeth. The grills absolutely do not oxidize or change color over time. These are products that remain in the mouth and in contact with the teeth for a long time, so they are subject to strict health controls before being made available to the general public. Don't worry: Grillz have no negative impact on oral health. The different alloys used for the manufacture of Grillz are used on a daily basis in the dental field and present absolutely no risk to health or tooth enamel. Once again, the aesthetic aspect is important, but never to the detriment of the beauty of your smile!

Grillz have proven themselves: they are harmless!

The grillz is a removable decorative dental prosthesis which will cover the tooth(s) for purely aesthetic purposes. We really discovered them in the 80s , with the emergence of the Hip-Hop movement and the rise of rap in the United States, then a little later in France. At first, it was seen as a fashion accessory meant to represent the wealth of its owner. Gold teeth? Or even set with diamonds? Whaouuuu, that was amazing!

Forty years later, the Grillz is still there, but it has evolved with the times. A fashion accessory par excellence, it can take several forms, and be more or less “flashy”, depending on everyone’s tastes. Today they are exclusively made of precious or semi-precious metals , therefore unalterable and absolutely safe for the body and oral health. It is not uncommon to see them adorned with precious stones for even more class and shine. Naturally, the budget to plan for purchasing a Grillz will depend on the model chosen, the number of teeth to be covered, the alloy used, any stones, the desire for engraving, etc.

Some daily tips with a Grillz

  • If possible, remove your Grillz to eat;
  • Avoid keeping your Grillz to sleep;
  • Be sure to maintain impeccable oral hygiene;
  • Clean your Grillz regularly and thoroughly with toothpaste.

You can find the entire collection of rapper Grillz on our site by clicking here.

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